5 Contoh Berita Singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

Contoh 1 Horror, Fatal Accidents in this Game Rides Made Panic Jakarta – Playground that should be fun even became an unexpected disaster, the visitors who initially wanted to have fun and enjoy this spinning rides should experience unpleasant events. The fireball rides in the Ohio State Fair event of the United States suffered a fatal incident. As quoted by the BBC, Governor of Ohio, John Kasich informed of terrible events, he ordered all rides in the Ohio State Fair temporarily shut down until there is a safety check. Kasich confirmed will conduct an in-depth investigation related to this incident. This fireball rode move from the right to the left and was occasionally rotated while swinging at high speed. The Ohio State Fair party had confirmed an accident, but there was no detailed explanation. For those of you who want to ride a vehicle make sure in advance whether the rides are safe or not to avoid such incidents.

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